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Mark Grigoriev was born in Rome, Italy, and is the son of Soviet refugees who were on their way to America in the hope of finding religious liberty.  He came to the United States with his parents in October of 1989 when he was only two months old.

Growing up, Mark became interested in politics and history at the age of twelve years old and dreamed of joining the military when he became older.  As an adult he became more politically active, as he noticed that many of his peers were becoming deceived by socialism, something his parents escaped from.  At age twenty he received his associate's degree in Digital Video Production, and joined the Arizona National Guard at age twenty-two.  

Mark is a Baptist Christian who respects every American’s right to worship as they please. On top of that he also speaks Russian and Ukrainian languages.  As an immigrant and a Liberty minded conservative, one of his goals is to remind his fellow Americans of the dangers of big government, and the bad consequences it may have. He remembers the stories of his parents and what they went through under a totalitarian regime, and does not want the same thing to happen in the land of the free. Therefore Mark is willing to fight for every American in Congress, so that we may all live as a free nation, and to not have our rights trampled on by the Washington swamp.


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